About Me:

I am currently working as a creative director for Primal Screen Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Primal Screen has a long history of award-winning work in design and animation. I specialize in 2D animation and composite for both broadcast and interactive projects. I am also familiar with 3D animation pipelines and have directed 3D animation teams as well. I use a variety of tools including Toon Boom Harmony, Esoteric Spine, Adobe Animate and the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I have set up and managed many animation and design pipelines for both large and small projects.

In addition to leading and creating animation projects, I also recruit, coach and manage animation teams. I work side by side with the production team to formulate bids, strategize scheduling and manage production goals. I work closely with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life, and that their expectations are both met and exceeded.

I have worked with animators and artists all over the country and am thoroughly invested in the craft of story telling, and the animation community at large. I enjoy working with my fellow artists in teams of all sizes in both leadership and support roles.